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Thomasville Goes Wild!

November 19, 2004

Thomasville - Artists from all over the world will be in Thomasville displaying work that depicts animals and some real animals will also make an appearance.

On Friday, sculptors, jewelers and painters are getting ready for what's sure to be a wild ride. Painter Stephen Koury says, "If you come here, you'll be blown away. There's tremendous art here, there's all ranges, different perspectives on painting creatures."

Koury comes to the Plantation Wildlife Festival every year and says he'll continue to do so. He says, "The people that put it on do a super job. The venue's really nice too. It's not monstrous, it's all in one building and the people that come to the show are really enjoyable people."

This year, there is a larger range in prices for the artwork. Debbi Alderman says, "This year we've added a master craftsman section and it is more affordable fine art so that the show is for people that have $10, $10,000 to spend, so that someone in any income bracket can come and take something away from it."

Even if it's just a new appreciation for Mother Nature's beauty. "It'll open up your eyes," says Koury. To the wide, wild world of art. Proceeds from the Festival go towards programs at Thomasville Cultural Center. Last year the Festival raised more than $125,000.

Check out the Thomasville Cultural Center's site for ticket information and a list of events.

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