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Albany woman hired by I.D. theft ring

November 19, 2004

Albany -- This week an Albany woman took a job on an Internet Chat Page that seemed too good to be true. The woman learned she had unwittingly become a pawn in an international Identity Theft Ring.

Albany Police will not identify the 25 year old woman who was hired by the Russia Identity Theft ring, because her life has been threatened, by E-Mail. Lt. Angel Bradford said "When she tries to get the information from him, he says if she doesn't send the stuff that he is going to call his friend, and they will speak with her."

 The woman contacted Police Wednesday, after being told 250 dollars in pay was waiting for her at Western Union.

 In two days four thousand dollars in computer equipment had been shipped to her home. She was to mail it to Estonia. Lt. Bradford said "The information on the credit card the stuff was charged to comes back to a guy in Oklahoma, who of course has no knowledge of his credit card being used."

Albany Police Investigators have already tied this I.D. theft ring to stolen identities and thefts in a half dozen states. Lt. Bradford said "This is putting an international spin on it, which not only makes prosecution difficult, it makes the investigation difficult."

 Investigators have five names and addresses in Russia, but doubt they will lead anywhere.

Police warn you not to get involved in schemes like the 25 year old Albany woman did, promising a job "too good to be true."

Albany Police will take steps to protect the woman since she has been threatened. She will not be charged with any crime.

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