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Native American Fest resumes

November 19, 2004

Albany-- If you've been hearing drums in the distance, it's not your imagination getting the best of you. Native Americans are in town to show off their colorful culture.

Friday was school day and kids from all over our region danced to a different beat out of the classroom. They learned about Native American traditional dancing, music, authentic art and animals.

"The impact of what the horse had on native American peoples lives, and how it changed their lives, and what a great gift it was, something I thought I could share, and I thought was missing in pow wows," said Horse Trainer Kerry Prouty.

The horse she's riding is named Cheetah. Something Each symbol painted on Cheetah means something different for rider. The circle around the eye gives horse better vision. The lightning bolt gives the horse speed and stamina in battle.

There's so much to learn, and don't forget to bring some extra money. Jewelry and all sorts of Native American goodies on sale. It's $3.00 Friday night, but starting tomorrow, the festival cost will be seven dollars for teenagers and adults. You get a two dollar discount if you are between the ages of three and twelve.

The Chehaw Native American Cultural Festival will close at ten. You can visit between ten and ten Saturday and 10 and five Sunday.

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