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Developer envisions "faith-based" community

November 19, 2004

Albany-- A local developer has faith in a forgotten section of town.

Former Marine base housing in East Albany is going on the auction block in a few weeks--the area is dilapidated and unused.

Boyette Village once was a thriving Marine community. It was closed down years ago.

The government is auctioning it off next month. Downtown developer Peter Studl plans on bidding on the 78 acre area.

Studl envisions a "faith based" community with botanical gardens and parks, "East Albany has people, a lot of good people, that deserve good housing. This is in the middle of the Cromartie Beach area and the housing around here could use a little boost--this thing might jump start the area."

There are 300 homes here. Studl says it would take at least six months to a year after closing on the property before the area would be ready. He wants to develop a more upscale neighborhood mostly for senior citizens. The auction is December 9th.

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