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Roofsit benefits United Way

November 19, 2004

Valdosta - High up on the roof of Home Depot stands Scott James and Shari Crim, begging and pleading for your money. "We love doing this, we do it every year to help the United Way out of the goodness of our hearts," said James.

They went up at 6:00 Friday morning, and won't come down until 6:00 Saturday night. Sure, they sound crazy, but they have good reason. It's the 8th annual Roof Sit for the United Way of Lowndes County. "They're such a pure charity, they help so many people in the community and I want to support them," said James.

Scott and Shari have to stay up on the roof for 36 straight hours. They can't go down for food or sleep, not even for a bathroom break. "With the help of ABC Courtesy, we have a porta potty and I think without that we probably couldn't do this at all," said Crim.

The fundraiser is a proven success and helps push the United Way a little closer to the finish line. "It raises about $5,000 right at the end of our campaign which really helps us to reach our goal," said Nicole Holder, United Way Director.

And when the time finally comes to head back down, they'll be tired and weathered, but ready to do it all again next year at Roof Sit number nine.

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