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Phoebe program opens gate to affordable meds

November 18, 2003

Albany- From the city's finances to yours.

Many of you have to spend a lot of money on prescription drugs. Phoebe Putney Hospital's Gateway to Care helps people with low to moderate incomes find the best discount programs for their medications.

Joseph Gurvin would have to pay thousands of dollars a month for his prescriptions.

"I probably would have been still critical at Phoebe or somewhere long gone by now, but I just really appreciate Gateway and Dr. Kershaw," Gurvin said.

Ernest Everson says the program's help has been unbelievable.

"We'll they're so nice, that you just enjoy coming. Even though you're getting help, you enjoy even the fellowship," Everson said.

Gateway is already working with $2,300 people, helping them get almost a half million dollars worth of medicine they couldn't afford.

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