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Students debate with British class

November 18, 2004

Colquitt County - The Internet can link you with people all around the world. The world wide web is not only a superhighway of information, but a great tool for students to learn about other cultures.

On Thursday, Colquitt County students debated a class across the pond.

It's not your typical classroom discussion about politics. Eleventh grader, Mark Huguet, says, "I agreed with a lot of what they said, they seemed to hit on points that I disagreed with so I ended up speaking a good bit."

Huguet and his Colquitt County classmates were connected via the Internet with students in Bristol, England. American student, Keith Warburg, says, "It was hard. They speak a lot faster than we do, they probably think that we speak very, very slow."

Students armed with a camera, microphone and an opinion. Warburg adds, "There's one guy who kept slapping [President] Bush in the face, but we all have our opinions over here too and they are in titled to their opinions."

Opinions for all sorts of topics.

The British teacher asks both classes, "Would anyone like to venture out on the world issue, outside the U.S. and how important it is for us all to work together.?"

From cotton, oil, obesity in America to war. Colquitt County student, Rachel Levron, says, "I would have rather stuck to more cultural things, but debating politics was fairly educational."

And at times, a bit funny. The British teacher says, "Next time we'll come to Georgia and you will come to England."

Huguet says, "I'd love to do it again."

CNS Television provides regional video conferencing through a grant. It's run over the Internet and connecting the classes is free.

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