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Job Outlook good for college grads

Albany -- Good news for the Class of 2005.  A new survey of the nation's employers predicts a 13% increase in college hiring over last year.  

It's comes as no surprise business and computer student at Albany State University that they'll be in big demand by employers after graduation. 

"No it does not surprise me because technology is it!," says student  KarreeCha Newbey.

And employers agree. A recent survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers shows that the news is good for the Class of 2005.

More than half of the employers surveyed say they plan to hire more college grads than they did last year. Students with degrees in technology, engineering and business should be in the best shape. 

"I have older sisters and cousins that graduated early before me and they had a hard time finding a job," says senior Crystal Davis.

But Senior Business students like  Davis  may have different luck.

The study finds that not only will this year's tech and business grads find jobs but they'll get paid almost 4% more. 

 So why such good luck for the class of 2005?

Economists can't say for sure but guess the predictions maybe have something to with the President. 

"A little bit of the uncertainty is gone after the election Now people know what they will have for the next 4 years," says economist Dr. Reaz Dorestani. 

The survey goes on to say the best place for students to get hired is in the  Midwest.

The prospect are improving across all sections and sector of the job market. The service sector, goverment and non profits even manufacturing.

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