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New technology could prevent war casualties

November 18, 2004

Fort Benning -    Soldiers came under heavy fire from rebel fighters in Fallujah today. American Soldiers fought off their enemy, but the U.S. Military is working hard to better prepare soldiers for future combat with new technology and equipment.

"It gives the soldiers a heads up on what to expect further up the road," says electrical engineer Richard Lutrell.

Military technology is on the move. "It's good gaining situational awareness," says Jennifer Ross about a robotic detection device referred to as Soldier Vision. Ross explains "It detects personal through walls," before soldiers enter where a potential enemy may await them.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles already being used in Iraq and Afghanistan are getting an upgrade. "Most of them will carry two cameras, one daylight camera and one IR Camera. That's Infrared," says Systems Specialist James Gallon.

Live images captured by the UAV are sent immediately to intelligence operations where they can be frozen to study a particular area. Gallon explains"The old method was to send a soldier to the top of the hill to peek over," but technology like this will soon have soldiers better equipped to complete their missions while keeping them safer at war. "Now we don't have to endanger a soldiers life," said Gallon.

The military is experimenting with a total of 17 new technologies. The complete experiment is expected to be finished in 10 years.

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