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Students lend a hand to needy children

November 18, 2004

Valdosta - Every child needs school supplies to get a good education, but some kids aren't so lucky. Students at West Gordon Elementary are lending a hand to needy children, all the way across the globe.

They've started an assembly line of giving. "I wanted to help other kids who don't have all the things we have," said Amber Westley.

Paper, pencils, notebooks, erasers, and hundreds of other school supplies will soon be headed to needy children in Afghanistan. "It makes me feel happy to give the kids in Afghanistan something they can appreciate," said Sala Prain.

"We told our classmates about the project and they brought in things to help," said Westley.

These West Gordon Elementary students are part of a service group called "Kids Healing Kids." "They're learning valuable lessons about serving other people and what it means to give and not always be on the receiving end," said Kathy Ar

The kids have only been collecting school supplies for about two weeks, but they already have more than a dozen boxes to send overseas. "We are thrilled with the turnout," said Kathy Armstrong, Organizer.

To help with their project, WAL-MART matched the amount of supplies the kids collected. "It really, really, made our collection grow," said Armstrong.

And because of their generosity, those less fortunate will get a chance to enjoy something these kids will no longer take for granted.

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