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Football and phone calls are building Albany

November 17, 2004

Albany - The Arena football field has arrived in Albany. The South Georgia Wildcats are becoming a reality. While the new arena football turf is getting pieced together, efforts outside the civic center are bringing in bucks to Albany.

The Imagine Albany campaign has raised 1.8 million dollars so far. The Chamber of Commerce's two million dollar goal is fast approaching, and they're hoping to make a touchdown.

Looking at the Albany Civic Center's new turf, you can almost hear the cheers. The South Georgia Wildcats are making their way into Albany's end zone. Civic Center Marketing Manager, Tony Ford, says, "It started from some imagination."

The arena team hasn't arrived, but cheerleaders for the city are already here.

Reba Stewart screams, "Imagine Albany 2010, go girls, go!"

Imagine Albany volunteer, Lori Brooks, says, "It gets busy in here, loud."

Inside the Chamber of Commerce these girls are calling on small businesses to give back to the community and see Albany grow. One volunteer explains to a caller, "It's for economic development and education."

Donations will help build up the city and add 4,000 jobs in four years. Brooks adds, "We're asking for a thousand dollars each time we call and most of the time we get that, so, we're doing real well."

Stewart screams and claps, "Yeah, yeah. Another $1,000, how exciting!"

The Imagine Albany campaign is off to a good start. Stewart claps, "Oh, how exciting! Good job, good job!"

A fundraising job that started with an idea and just like arena football somebody needed a vision.

Now, we'll countdown to, not only, the Imagine Albany goal but the first touchdown by the South Georgia Wildcats.

In six hours, Imagine Albany volunteers raised more than $65,000. They are $200,000 away from their two million dollar goal, which is set for the end of this year.

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