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Deputy deploys to Iraq

November 16, 2004

Deputy Mike Purvis is used to putting his life on the line. For the past seven years he's worked as a Tift County deputy, and now he's preparing to deploy to Iraq with the rest of the 48th Brigade.

"I don't consider I'm a hero. I'm just somebody that's got a job. That's what I plan to do, do my job. Just like here I'll do my job," he says.

This isn't the first time Purvis will leave his South Georgia home to fight in the desert. He served during Desert Storm.

"Last time we didn't really have anybody shooting at us. Now we got people shooting at us. It's going to be a lot different."

That won't be the only difference because now Purvis will leave behind a wife and two children, and at 47 he will be one of the oldest National Guardsmen in Iraq. But, he says he's still confident in his training.

"You never lose that, you never lose that," Purvis says.

Another thing he'll never lose, the support of his family at the Tift County Sheriff's Department.

"I admire a person that's willing to stand up and say I'll go. That takes a good person, a good man to do that. Anybody that would fight for his country I admire," says Lt. Dennis Reese.

Purvis says he hopes to use his experience to help some of the younger Guardsmen in his unit.

Purvis will head to Fort Stewart Thursday. That's when he will find out exactly what day he will head to Iraq. While he's there, he will provide security as a part of the 121st Infantry.

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