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Teachers keep kids safe on web

November 15, 2004

Albany- The kids burning energy at Lake Park Elementary in the after school program seem pretty safe, the way that it should be when they're within the walls of a school.

Now some Lake Park Elementary teachers are making sure they know how to keep students safe when they're staring at computer screens.

"We encourage the children to use them for a lot of things, because there are a lot of valuable things out there," said Principal Catherine Whitfield.

But there are scary things out there too.

That's why the Albany Police Department is teaching teachers to keep students safe when they're traveling the world wide web. APD offers the class for anyone in the community. They're planning to hold sessions in more Dougherty County public Schools. It starts with keeping a close eye on all the screens.

"The teacher can stand in the back of the room and she can see all the computer screens," she said.

They're also learning about security software and how to retrace where students have been.

"You wouldn't send your child out to drive a car without having some sort of understanding, driving lessons and knowing what's going on out there."

Because parents want them to be as safe surfing the web as they are running through the gym.

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