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Victims tied up with cord and clothing

November 15, 2004

Colquitt County - It's been one week since five people were murdered in their home near Moultrie.

As police look for the killer, new information emerges about what went on in the Resendez house last Monday morning.

A home once surrounded by crime scene tape and buzzing with media is now quiet. The only witnesses to the quintuple homicide are the shooters themselves, so investigators need to analyze autopsy results to figure things out. Colquitt County Sheriff Al Whittington says, "We're waiting the results of the autopsies from the crime lab here in Moultrie."

Colquitt County Sheriff Al Whittington now says Jaime Resendez was shot five times. His wife, Tina was shot three times, her hands tied with a child's sweat pants. Both found face down, head to head in a home they've only been in for two months.

The couple was arrested last year and connected to an international drug ring, but it's not for certain their dealings were done. He adds, "We can't come up with a steady source of income, not for the lifestyle they were leading, we don't know for a fact, but perhaps they were still involved."

Those not believed to be connected to the drug dealings died from a single bullet.. Jaime and Tina's three-year-old boy, Juan, Tina's mother, Betty Watts and the housekeeper, Liliana Aguilar who's hands were tied with a phone cord.

Investigators will find out soon how many weapons were fired which, they hope, will lead to how many shooters. Whittington adds, "We believe it's going to be a handgun, simply because we can rule out a shotgun or a rifle, but until we can receive the complete autopsy results, that's unknown."

Right now, the truth about who did it is buried with the victims.

Tina was laid to rest with her three-year-old son and her mother on Friday.

The bodies of Jaime Resendez and the housekeeper, Liliana Aguilar, were sent to Atlanta and will eventually be sent to Mexico.

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