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Investigation continues into fatal wreck

November 15, 2004

Lowndes County - Investigators mark the accident scene on Old Clyatville Road, trying to figure out what made 16-year-old Allison Lockerman lose control of her Jeep Cherokee. "It appears the driver tried to overcorrect her vehicle, traveled back off the west shoulder and overturned multiple times," said TFC Joshua Brogdon.

Only Lockerman and one other passenger stayed in the Jeep, the other six passengers were ejected. 15-year-old Michael Smith died at the scene. "This vehicle only having five seat belts, eight people was just too many occupants in the vehicle," said Brogdon.

Because Lockerman had her license less than six months, Georgia law prohibits her from driving with any passenger who's not a member of her immediately family. Investigators say its a law often broken by teens. "There's still a lot of responsibility you have to learn out here with you get your license," said Brogdon.

At Lowndes High, its one of the first rules these Drivers Education students learn. "The rule is made because of conflicts, they've got enough conflicts on the road and when they put their friends laughing and listening to the radio in the mix, its just something else they've got to pay attention to and they're not paying attention to the driving task," said Steve Lankford, Drivers Ed. Teacher.

"Its just distracting," said Jarred Flores, 10th Grader. "If you have seven other people in the car, you're going to be talking and not paying attention all the time."

And after seeing the consequences of this weekend's crash, its a rule these teens will remember next time they're behind the wheel.

The driver of the Jeep, Allison Lockerman, and one other passenger have been released from the hospital. Five others are listed in good and fair condition.

Troopers have not yet filed any charges against the driver.

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