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Americus Church rises from the wreckage

November 14, 2004

Americus -- An Americus Church is celebrating their rise from the wreckage. Almost a year and half ago, construction on Williams Road Church of Christ was abruptly halted when the structure crashed to ground, injuring a worker. Now after a lot of prayer and hard work-- the church is complete.

Members of Williams Road Church of Christ lift their voices in song inside their newly completed sanctuary. 

"It's was a great relief because it was a long time coming," says Keith Wishum, Pastor of the Williams Church of Christ.

 A time that looked like wouldn't come says Wishum. In September of last year, an engineering mistake sent the frame work for the building's massive roof crashing 35 feet to the concrete floor. A construction worker fell but amazingly was not seriously hurt. 

"A lot of confusion, a lot of chaos, a lot of relief that no one was hurt. Afterwards, there was a lot of disappointment that the building had collapsed, and we were back to square one," says Wishum.

But church members didn't give up. Despite the setbacks, they pressed for the next year to see their dreams of a church building become reality.

Members like Mike and Penny Ryan prayed for the strength of church leaders. 

"They were able to keep their chin up through all the frustration. And, I would say the church did a very good job rising through the wreckage," says Ryan. 

"It's gorgeous. I love it," says Penny. 

Now their prayers have been answered, their new church is double the size old one. And these members say it's truly a miraculous building. 

Pastor Wishum says the church plans to possibly use the old building as a daycare or preschool.

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