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Pelham Family nurses wounded owl

November 13, 2004

Pelham-- A Pelham family is learning just what it takes to be a foster parent, for a wild animal. The Curles' took in a long-eared owl after it was hit by a car. Now, the owl is about to take a life saving journey through the sky.

For two days, the Curles family have had a house guest. Meet the long eared owl they affectionately called "Hootie."

A bird who's become a temporary family member after one of the Curles' friends accidentally hit the bird with his truck.

"This owl flew out in the road in front of him. I said we need to go check it out because he is hurt," says Joe Curles Jr.

 Hootie was hurt badly. The impact broke the bird's right wing, leaving him unable to fly.

"He had run off the road and hovered in some bushes. He was still is shock because of the impact of hit," says Curles.

Long eared owls usually spend the winters in Georgia, but it's a lucky guess that his current accommodations aren't what Hootie's had it mind.

For 9-year old Lexie Curles, who's never seen an owl up close, the last few days have been very exciting.

"It's just been so fun petting him and feeding him. He's just such an amazing creature," says Lexie.

Now, it's almost time for Hootie to take a flight, not on his own but in a plane to Auburn University where he will have surgery to repair his wing.

The Curles hope the next time they see Hootie be able to spread his wings and fly once again. Though the Curles care was generous,DNR officials remind you that if you find an injured wild animal, the best thing to do is call experts at the DNR.

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