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Governor Perdue urges Hands On volunteerism

November 13, 2004

Thomasville- This week, hundreds of Georgians volunteered in their communities as part of Hands of Georgia's Week of Service.

As the five-day event came to a close, volunteers in one South Georgia county got a little help from an unlikely volunteer, Governor Sonny Perdue.

Perdue wrapped up Hands on Georgia's first week of service by helping improve the landscape at Thomas County's School at Bishop Hall.

"Government can't do it all even though our state of Georgia is powerful it still depends on the efforts of ordinary citizens and those who want to help and help communities grow," says Perdue.

In fact, over the next three years Hands On Georgia hopes to develop a force of more than 20,000 volunteers who will complete half a million hours of community service projects like this charter school.

"Everybody has a volunteer in them put they just have to be asked to take part in it, so we're going to give tools to the community so that they know how to engage their citizens to give back to the community," says Hands On Georgia executive director Kim Goff.

Not only will citizens give back, but so will dozens of Georgia businesses Hands On hopes to add to it's list of sponsors which already include the Coca-Cola Company and The Home Depot.

"The giver and the receiver are one. What you see happening is that when people really see that by what they do they can impact someone else, they actually change inside, and that change inside is contagious," says Pat Chandler of The Home Depot.

Perdue says he is counting on more corporate sponsors like The Home Depot to help the volunteer organization achieve their goals, but he promises they won't have to do it alone.

"The state will also step up and come along side people in communities when they want to do something for themselves," Perdue says.

Saturday was also the launch of Hands on Thomas County. The School at Bishop Hall was just one of 12 different service projects completed by 400 volunteers throughout the county.

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