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SGTC students get ready for workforce

November 12, 2004

Americus -These South Georgia Technical College students are working hard to make sure they're ready for the workforce.  "Some of the tools that we need in the shop are old. It's time to revamp, " says Automotive Instrucor Brandon Dean.

With new equipment, these students will be able to take on the latest automotive technology. Dean says "When these guys go in a dealership, this is the stuff that they'll be seeing." These students are in luck because the college's annual Tech Force fundraiser is expected to bring in thousands for an upgrade in equipment.

SGTC Marketing Director Janet Kelly explains"Lots of times when we have budget cuts, the first to go is money for equipment, and that's one of the most important things for us." Money raised from Tech Force in the past is already giving students real world experience. The Culinary Arts department now has a new lab.  "It's state of the art equipment," says Culinary Arts Instructor David Finley.  Students are taking more interest in the program.  Finley explains"We started the program with four and we had 81 this quarter."

The college has one thing in mind for their students, and that's "To go out in the workforce and be fully prepared," says Kelly, as they  work towards success by working with the latest  in technology.

The state will match every dollar raised by Tech Force.

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