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Albany Tech now accepts S.W.G.I.E diplomas

November 12, 2004

Albany - A follow up on our special report "Diplomas for Sale". One of the schools in our investigation didn't know their diplomas weren't being accepted at Albany Technical College until our report.

Friday morning, the school administrator took her new accreditation papers to the school and is back on track.

Latonia Clark was shocked to find out on our news that her Southwest Georgia Institute of Education diplomas were being rejected at Albany Technical College. Clark says, "No one informed me of that, but I'm glad the community and myself can move on."

Clark made a move this morning to make things right. Clark adds, "I went in this morning and spoke with Albany Tech and I did get some positive results with them. I gave them my updated criteria and because of the mis-communication now things are squared away and I do have my correct accreditation."

Albany Tech stopped accepting their diploma this past Spring. But, now that Clark has the right accreditation paperwork Albany Tech will recognize their diplomas. Albany Tech's Public Relations Director, Kate DeLoach, "As of yesterday [Thursday] we did not, today [Friday] we do because now we have the documentation."

On Monday, Clark mistakenly told WALB that she was accredited by the Georgia Commission of Independent Study, which doesn't exist. Clark says, "I don't know how we mixed each other on that situation, but I'm glad it's squared away today."

She showed us an acceptance letter dated November 2nd, from The Accrediting Commission for Independent Study , which is accepted by technical schools in Georgia. Her school was added to the ACIS web site on Tuesday, a day after we talked to her.

At two Friday afternoon, Clark sent her new accreditation papers by fax to Southwest Georgia Technical College in Thomasville. Now, they too accept the Southwest Georgia Institute of Education diplomas.

The other school we told you about on Thursday, Cornerstone Christian Correspondence School in Townsend, Georgia sent us a new letter that goes out to applicants.

It warns applicants that some branches of the military and some colleges do not accept correspondence school diplomas.

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