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Tifton soldier discusses Fallujah

November 12, 2004

Tifton -- A day after Veteran's day a Tifton solider who led his team into some of the most intense fighting in Baghdad speaks out about the War in Iraq. He recounts his ordeal and talks about the fight now waging in Fallujah.

"It's a very intense experience," says Captain Zan Hornbuckle.

An experience that 30 year old Army Captain Zan Hornbuckle and his 80 member unit had only trained for before they were activated in April 2003 to secure major highways into Baghdad from insurgents.

"It was like you kicked open an anthill. You'd see them offload buses of guys with A-K 47's and we had fighting in the trenches and trucks," says Hornbuckle.

Friday, Hornbuckle recounted the story of his mission to members of the Tifton Kiwanis Club, many of whom are veterans themselves.

Hornbuckle says unless you are a solider it may be hard to understand the scope of what it takes to secure an entire city.

Now, as troops move South into Fallujah, the army man says they may face even bigger dangers than he did, but they will go in with more than a year's knowledge of the enemy.

"We learn lessons and it's an on going process, most definitely the military gets better every day as we see what's going on everyday," says Hornbuckle.

After a year back home to spend time with his wife and young son Hornbuckle is scheduled to return to Baghdad in January.

But for now he plans to focus on them until it's time to set his sights on the battle ahead.

Although Hornbuckle Infantry didn't experience any causalities will securing the Baghdad's roadways, two of their soldiers were killed during their time overseas. He was awarded a Brozen Star for his valor in the mission.

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