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Murder scene investigation almost complete

November 11, 2004

Colquitt County-- Thursday, investigators wrapped up their work at the home where Jaime and Tina Resendez, their 3-year-old son, Juan, Tina's mother, Betty Watts, and an unidentified housekeeper were murdered Monday.

They spent the last three days covering the crime scene with a fine-tooth comb, but say the killers knew how to do their jobs without leaving a trace.

Family members have arrived at the house to go through their loved ones' belongings. Authorities have not yet released to property, and crime tape is still in place.

"We've about wrapped things up, and the home will be turned back over to the owners sometime today," said Colquitt County Sheriff Al Whittington.

Investigators took a final walk through the house Thursday morning, making sure that no evidence was left behind. Whittington says final autopsy results probably won't be ready until Monday, but he will say that Jaime Resendez had multiple wounds, indicating that he probably tried to fight off the killer or killers.

"Some of the wounds appeared to perhaps have been defensive, or trying to ward off his attacker," said the sheriff. The murders were undoubtedly a professional hit, probably brought on by Jaime and his wife's drug involvement.

The couple was arrested in the Berrien County's largest drug bust last year, and gave up information on their supplier. "There's a strong possibility that what's taken place, their drug charges lodged against those individuals, and we feel that they were perhaps still in the drug business."

 Investigators are following between 20 and 30 leads, but Whittington says the killers left nothing behind to connect them to the murders. Bullet casings have been recovered, so investigators know what type of weapon was used, but we may never know exactly when the shootings happened, or in what order the victims were shot. "We've got the time of day narrowed down, but there's no way to know exactly," said Whittington.

The Berrien County drug bust last year had connection to the Houston Texas area, and the information the Resendez' gave up lead to more arrests.

Tina Resendez, her son, three-year-old Juan, and her mother, Betty Watts will be remembered at a service Friday at 11:00AM at Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Moultrie.

Investigators still have not identified the housekeeper who was killed. They hope to release her name by late Friday.

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