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Georgia's health ranks 45th in the nation

November 11, 2004

Albany- - Georgia is pretty unhealthy compared to most of the country.

Even teenagers like 15 year old Elicia Jackson would agree. She says "I stay sick. I'm always sick. My immune system is low because I don't eat right." Some of Jackson's favorite foods include junk food, chocolate, and chips.

There's more than just bad eating habits that have led to this terrible health report, which ranks Georgia 45th in the nation. Health Planner Darrell Sabbs explains "Health risk factors are tied to the social, political and economic issues of our community."

The issues on the report include obesity, infectious diseases, prenatal care and low support for public health. Sabbs says the problems are "because of the poverty, because of the deprivation of not having a job, not having insurance, broken family home situations."

Most Georgians are not living a healthy lifestyle, but some are thinking about their future. Shaun Foreman says "I read a lot about heart disease and all that you can prevent just by doing a little workout and watching what you eat. Me and my wife try and do that."

Doing just that could make Georgia a healthier state, but more importantly could prevent many serious illnesses for you in the future.

The only states ranked below Georgia are Arkansas, South Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi and Louisiana, which ranks 50th. Minnesota is ranked the healthiest state in the Country.

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