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Hispanic drug cartel one of most dangerous, investigators say

November 10, 2004

Tifton- Dealing in the world of drugs is dangerous business.

That's why the South Central Drug Task Force runs classes to make sure officers are well-trained.

"Because they're the ones going in and kicking in the doors and trying to take these bad guys to jail," said Maj. John D. Anderson, commander of the task force.

But to make a real bust, agents depend on inside information.

"The drug business, again, thrives on people giving up their suppliers," he said. "Every day, that's the way it works."

And that leaves those people with a choice between going to jail or sometimes living in fear.

"They've got to protect themselves and the best thing they can do is never get involved to begin with."

That may have been the case with Jaime and Tina Resendez when they were caught with 138 pounds of marijuana, likely intending to sell it. And if their suppliers are part of the Hispanic Cartel, they had reason to fear because investigators say it's one of the most dangerous.

"Just due too the general lack of respect of the law and the ease of being able to travel undetected into our area."

But the ones who work in the drug world every day have a message.

"If you never start that lifestyle, then you never have to worry about this outcome," Anderson said.

So as these officers train to fight in the war against drugs, their best advice is to stay off the battlefield.

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