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Dead couple hid double life

Jaime Resendez Mugshot (Source: Berrien Co. Sheriff) Jaime Resendez Mugshot (Source: Berrien Co. Sheriff)
Trina Resendez Mugshot (Source: Berrien Co. Sheriff) Trina Resendez Mugshot (Source: Berrien Co. Sheriff)

November 10, 2004

Colquitt County-- Some relatives had no idea the couple spent the last year in fear, worrying someone could be out to get them. Even after their arrest, Jaime and Tina hid their drug connections from much of their family.

As investigators work day and night to uncover clues on the homicide, family members are mourning, and learning more about their relatives' shady past.

"It's sad, very sad," says Jaime's uncle, Emitero Mendez.

Mendez just learned that his nephew and his wife were targeted because of drug dealings. "They asked me if I knew something about his life, you know, to learn something about if he'd been intruding to drug dealers, or something like that, I got no clue," he said, shaking his head.

Three days into the investigation, law enforcement are still searching for the shooter or shooters with a road check set up on busy Highway 37 in front of crime scene tape.

The timing is no coincidence. They're checking at the time they think the murders took place, between 8:00AM and 10:30AM Monday. Agents have a few leads, but they won't come out and say that the slayings are drug-related, or if drugs were found in the house.

The will say the killer had a reason. "When anybody is killed, somebody must have an enemy, that's for sure," said GBI Special Agent Dell Kirkland. "In this particular case, it seems they came here for a particular purpose."

But Mendez said his nephew never seemed scared. "No he never told me he was worried about this or that. He never told me."

Investigators are expected to turn the house back over to the family Thursday, and that's also when autopsy results are expected. We don't know about what type of weapon was used, but we do know that there were bullets, and not a shotgun.

At first there were tips about a white pickup truck, which had been seen in the area. Further reports said that the truck had been ruled out of the investigation, but as we were preparing for our report, a person came up and told us that he saw a white pickup traveling down Highway 37 East about 7:45 Monday morning, swerving, and he thinks he saw two Hispanic males inside. He also believes the truck bore a Texas license plate. We know the family has Texas connections, and that Jaime's aunt was en route to Colquitt County Wednesday. Authorities are working on 20 or 30 tips at this time, and autopsy results should reveal what sort of firearm was used. If you have any information, call the GBI's TIP Line at 1-800-597-TIPS

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