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Albany dog becomes Hall of Famer

November 10, 2004

Albany -- "Hero" is a hall of famer. Hero is a South Georgia therapy dog who helps injured patients and inspires at-risk youth.

He's so good at it he's being inducted into the Georgia Veterinary Association's Hall of Fame.

Hero really lives up to his name.

"Hero" Harris the therapy dog is making his rounds at this physical rehabilitate center in Albany.

8 years ago the cute, yellow lab inspired his owner Marty Harris to start the Paws Patrol, a program that uses pets to inspire troubled youth and care for hospital and nursing home patients.

"I adopted Hero in August of 1996 he was skinny and he was injured he was in pretty rough shape and we took him home and nursed him back to health," says Harris.

Now Hero is doing the nursing.

He's done such a good job his vet has nominated him to compete for the Georgia Veterinary Medical Association's dog of the year.

And he has already earned a spot in the Association's Animal Hall of Fame.

"They have three different dogs that they honor every year in three different categories and Hero has won in the "hero" category that seems appropriate," says Harris.

Harris says Hero is like one of her children and one she couldn't be prouder of.

Hero and Harris will head to Atlanta in 2 weeks for an award ceremony.

As a Hall of fame inductee Hero will receive a medallion to wear around his neck and Marty Harris will receive a plaque.

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