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Cordele demolishes as many as 30 properties

November 10, 2004

Cordele- A battered 10th street house in Cordele will be destroyed in a matter of weeks. "The roof is just about to cave in,"says City Manager Jean Burnette. Not only is the roof crumbling, the porch is falling apart, all of the windows are broken and the inside is completely unsanitary. Burnette explains that rats, roaches and insects are all inside the house.

The house isn't the only structure the city plans to demolish. "Right now, we have thirty ready to go, and we've torn down I believe two of those already," says Burnette. The old motel on 7th street has already been destroyed. 14 structures were torn down, leaving only one small pile of rubble to be picked up.

"All of the structures that we work with have to meet one of two test and that's either whether they are unsafe or unhealthy," said Burnette.

To halt demolition, Property owners have 90 days to bring buildings back into code compliance. Burnette says "We'll be glad to work with them. We'd far rather see a house be brought into codes compliance, than we had to tear it down," but if it isn't cleaned up Burnette goes on to say "We go in and demolish the structure and remove the debris. "

Owners will also have to reimburse the city for the clean up costs. "We give them a period of time to pay for it," says Burnette, but in a matter of time, you can expect Cordele properties to be safer and more sanitary.

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