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Guardsmen will be trained for different kind of war

November 10, 2004

Albany- The commander of Georgia's 48th Infantry Brigade says his soldiers will be ready to fight in Iraq.

The National Guard troops were put on alert this week that they'll likely go to the middle east early next year. About 900 soldiers from our area, including the battalion based in Albany, will be deployed.

They'll report for duty at Fort Stewart in December, then go to Fort Irwin, California for more training. The commander says they will be in combat situations.

"What happened now is we're going into an area where the enemy's all around you," said Brig. Gen. Stewart Rodeheaver, commander of the 48th Infantry Brigade. "There is no front, there is no rear. It's kind of an all encompassing enemy and you never know where the fight's going to come from."

The Brigade is expected to deploy for a 12-month rotation to the Middle East beginning sometime next spring.

Anyone who was previously a part of the 48th Infantry Brigade and wants to go with the National Guard to the Middle East should contact Sfc. Merryl Gerhardt at the armory in Albany.

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