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Mass murder tied to international drug ring

Jaime and Tina Resendez Jaime and Tina Resendez
Tina's mother, Betty Watts Tina's mother, Betty Watts
Juan Resendez Juan Resendez
Berrien Co. Sheriff Jerry Brogdon (File Photo) Berrien Co. Sheriff Jerry Brogdon (File Photo)

November 10, 2004

Colquitt County-- Two of the five executed victims had squealed on their drug supplier, and that may well be what led to their deaths. Jaime and Tina Resendez were busted for drugs in Berrien County one year ago. It was the largest drug bust in that county's history and was part of a Mexican drug ring.

It's also apparently what lead to Monday's massacre near Moultrie.

After the Resendez' arrest on marijuana charges, they cooperated with investigators. They gave them information about their supplier, possibly someone in Texas. Now, investigators believe the Resendez' and three others were slaughtered because of it. Jaime Resendez, his wife Tina, their three year old son Juan, Tina's mother, Betty Watts, and a housekeeper were found shot dead in a home just outside Moultrie Monday afternoon.

Investigators say there is no doubt that their killings were what they call a "hit." Two of them, Tina Resendez and the housekeeper had been tied up. They had all been shot, some of them several times. Even little Juan was shot in the head.

Jaime and Tina Resendez lived the last 12 months in fear. After they gave police information on their drug connection, they knew they were in danger. They moved from Berrien County, to Cook County and eventually to Colquitt County where their worst fears became reality.

Twenty-five-year-old Jaime Resendez and his wife, 29-year-old Tina were part of the biggest drug bust in Berrien County's history. "We seized about 138 pounds of marijuana, guns, and money," said Berrien County Sheriff Jerry Brogdon. The drugs were being smuggled from Mexico to Texas, then to Berrien County, Georgia.

Both Resendez' were charged with trafficking marijuana. "Yes, they were definitely dealers," said Sheriff Brogdon. We are told the couple gave up the name of their supplier. "I'd really rather not comment on that at this time," said Brogdon.

Jaime and Tina were living in a mobile home on Patricia Lane in Ray City when it was raided for drugs last year. Three more suspects were also arrested here, but investigators won't release their names for fear of their safety. "I'm concerned about anyone else who was connected to that," said Brogdon.

Brogdon says the drug investigation is ongoing and includes authorities in Texas as well as the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency. The Resendez' were set to go to trial sometime next year.

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