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Colquitt Countians still shocked over shootings

November 10, 2004

Colquitt County- Outside the yellow tape still marking the crime scene, reporters gathered to listen to the 911 call, the sounds of Luciano's young voice making the call for help and reporters scribbling down every word.

The crime scene is the center of state news, with news crews reporting on one of the worst mass murders in South Georgia history.

But in downtown Moultrie, life returns to normal as people crowd into the Blue Sky Grill for dinner. Monday's tragedy, though, is on their minds.

"This is a quiet, friendly little town and nobody's used to something like this happening," said John Edwards of Moultrie.

Now it has happened and whoever is responsible for the murders is still on the loose. But some people who live here say they're not concerned for their safety.

"I don't feel like people in Colquitt County feel threatened or in any way insecure," said Erwin Mercer of Colquitt County. "We just feel like it's something that was concentrated to that particular home."

Anybody in the room will tell you that they believe in their law enforcement.

"I can't even imagine where you start looking for something like this, but I'm sure that all the people that are involved are doing everything they possibly can," Edwards said.

The people here know there's little they can do to help. What they can do is keep the families of the victims on their minds and in their hearts.

"Everybody in Colquitt County's prayers are going out to them," Mercer said. "All we can do is pray for the ones that are left behind."

And people who believe that the murders were planned, and not random, have good reason. It is now known that the two of the victims had been arrested in a drug bust.

Police say Jaime Cruz Resendez and his wife Katrina been arrested last year when authorities busted a drug ring in south Georgia.

Berrien County Sheriff Jerry Brogdon says that in November of 2003, Katrina and Jaime Resendez were among several people arrested after police found 138 pounds of marijuana smuggled from Mexico in their doublewide mobile home outside Ray City.

Acting on a confidential tip, Berrien County sheriff's investigators and the GBI found the marijuana hidden in a bedroom. Along with the marijuana, a pistol and five-thousand dollars were seized.

Brogdon says the couple was charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and firearms possession. They would have faced trial next year.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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