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Man convicted in wife's death

November 9, 2004

Bainbridge - Sheila McMillon had been married less than three months when a fight with her new husband turned deadly in Bainbridge. District Attorney Joe Mulholland says, "Sheila McMillon, along with the defendant, Perry McMillon were at a local bar on Saturday night, they got into a dispute. He went out into the street, she followed him and was propelled by the defendant into oncoming traffic as a car went by causing her death."

Her husband, Perry McMillon, has been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter and will spend the next ten years in prison. "I'm glad he got that, but it wasn't near what we have to go through," says daughter Pamela Poppell.

Pamela and her brother, Eric Poppell, say they mourn for their mother everyday. Pamela says, "It was bad. I mean, that was my best friend. And he got ten years, but we got to wake up the rest of our lives without her."

But hopefully, they now have some closure. Mulholland says, "He set forth the chain of events that led to her death and the jury today came back and held him responsible for those acts." Acts that took a mother from her children, and sent her husband to prison. It took less than two hours for a jury to convict Perry McMillon.

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