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Mother pleads with daughter to come home

November 7, 2004

Albany-Thirteen year old Vanessa Brown got to school safely Wednesday morning, but her mother says she never made it home that afternoon.

Leta Brown says she believes her daughter ran away, but just doesn't understand how worried she is. She's begging anyone who may be harboring the seventh grader to bring her home.

"That's my oldest daughter, so they just should imagine what I'm going through. If they are a parent, a mom, dad, or whoever they should know. If they are an adult they should know that it's wrong and they should let her go. Bring her home," Brown pleads.

Brown says several of her daughter's friends have said they've seen Vanessa, but she has not contacted any family members. On Wednesday she was last seen wearing a red shirt and blue skirt, but may now be wearing blue jeans. She's five feet four inches tall and about 160 pounds.

If you have any information about Vanessa Brown's whereabouts please call the Albany Police Department.

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