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Tifton City workers help co-worker

November 6, 2004

Tifton-- When Tifton's assistant ity Manager Billy George found out that he had tongue cancer in August, he and his family were devastated.

He resigned and began fighting the disease. In the midst of their darkest hour, the George family is learning just how much their community cares.

Saturday mornings are usually spent catching up on yard work. That's just what Dave Bosse, his wife Vicki and Glenda Tucker are doing, but this isn't their yard.

"Billy and Stacie are only able to come home, at least, once every two or three weekends. We just want to make sure it looks nice for them," says Bosse.

Bosse is Communications Director for city of Tifton. Three months ago when he found out former assistant city manager Billy George was undergoing treatment for cancer in Atlanta, he and about a dozen other city workers volunteered to spend their weekends grooming the George's yard.

"The first time we came through was during the first storm. Then, we cleaned up after the second storm and then the one after that," says Bosse.

"I think a lot for the people at the city it's like a family," says Glenda Tucker. Glenda Tucker works in the city's finance department. She says yard work is the least she can do for someone in need. And she's not alone.

Everyone from off duty firemen to public works employee have pitched to make the yard a bright spot for the George's.

Next door neighbor Terri Ferguson is keeping watch of the George's pet cat Comet while their in Atlanta. After losing several family members to cancer, she knows how valuable a little help can be.

"I just know about how difficult it is if you don't have a strong support system. It's just very difficult to have to deal with that all alone," says Ferguson.

And although the George's may not have any family in Tifton, they do have friends. Friends that plan to stick around and help in anyway they can.

If you would like to find out how you can help the George family contact St. Anne's Episcopal church in Tifton at 229-382-7505

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