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BBQ cooks battle for top honors

November 5, 2004

Douglas-Spicy sauces, flickering flames, and men who aren't afraid to wear pink. Welcome to the 2004 National Barbecue Festival where the big dogs come to cook and the vegetarians are sent packing.

The grills are just as colorful and creative as their owners.

"Long way from home, 940 miles," says Leo Makovy.

Makovy, his classic car barbecue grill, and his special sauce will show the competition why they better not mess with Texas.

"It cost me about 200 dollars to make about 2 gallons of this stuff. It's real expensive, but you'll see tonight who's going to be winning this first place chicken, it's the barbecue bandits from Eddy, Texas," Makovy says.

Steve Uliss and his Massachusetts team are serious cooks.

"All the way from Boston. With Boston butts," he laughs.

Okay maybe not, but they do know the definition of fun.

"Does this can make me look fat," one of his team members jokes.

"No but everything else does," laughs Uliss.

But when it comes to moist, tender, award winning meat, the men of Firefly's Bodacious Barbecue are no joke.

"Low and slow the way to go. That's all you can do," says Uliss.

They've even got their own slogan. "Smokin, wicked and tasty, just like that."

Jim Woodsmall may not have a catchy phrase, but he does have does have a gimmick.

"When I win an award I jump up in the air and do a 360 degree turn. As I've gotten older its a little harder to do it. I can do like a 220 turn now," says Woodsmall.

It's no wonder why they call him Jumpin' Jim.

Still when it comes to impressing the judges, there are no gimmicks allowed. Just good meat that better look as good as it's tastes to take home the title of best of the best.

The Douglas National Barbecue Festival is the only competition that features chefs from eight of the ten barbecue sanctioning organizations. The competition will continue Saturday with a backyard barbecue contest and a kids-cue cook-off.

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