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Fair re-opens after gang fight

November 5, 2004

Albany - The fair re-opens after a gang fight Thursday night. Exchange Fair President, Carlisle Metts says, "We do not believe we will have anymore problems out there." A teenage girl was taken to the hospital after the huge fight.

Just after ten Thursday night, a brawl broke out on the midway, near the Ferris wheel. A 16-year-old girl was pushed down and initially, there were reports she was stabbed, but apparently she cut herself when she fell. It's believed as many as four gangs were involved in the fight.

At the fair, you normally see Ferris wheels, food and fun, but on Thursday night there were police and ambulances. Fair President Larry Griffin says, "A bunch of kids trying to show off last night."

Kids who are believed to be connected to several rival gangs. The mixture sparked a major fight, closing the fair early. Metts explains, "Rather than have any harm come to any of our patrons, or have any problems, we elected to go ahead and go into shutdown mode."

The fair re-opened the next day, meanwhile the teenage girl is recovering from a cut on the arm. She was caught in the fight. Griffin says, "I don't think she was stabbed that she was cut with something. She didn't even really know that she did get cut."

The fair has its own security, in and around the Fairgrounds, not to mention there are police, deputies and firefighters on hand. Griffin adds, "We had amble security to take care of the situation, it never did really get out of hand."

Griffin says the fair was already safe before the fight and they don't feel the need to add more force. He says, "We are all going to be here and we feel safe."

Albany Police have not made any arrests.

A fair employee was also injured in the arm. He was struck with a piece of a fence.

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