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Democrats prepare to hand over control

November 4, 2004

Albany- Georgia's House of Representatives has been ruled by Democrats for more than a century.

Not anymore. The republicans are taking over.

"They're going to be learning and setting up and getting started," said re-elected Senator Michael Meyer Von Bremen, (D) Albany.

Now there is talk of Republicans persuading Democrats to switch parties, which is how Governor Sonny Perdue swung Senate control to the GOP in 2002. Meyer Von Bremen says that was wrong then and it's wrong now.

"If you've been just elected under one party banner, that if you're going to switch, you need to go ahead and resign and run under the new party," he said.

The new party in control may focus on different issues than Democrats, like getting rid of the mid-year budget. But overall, the change shouldn't be dramatic.

"There's not enough of a power change or a shift in the legislators that you're going to see real significant change. You're going to see, I expect, the governor's ethics package for example."

Much of South Georgia is represented by Democrats, legislators say that shouldn't hurt the area.

"It could have a lot of backlash if suddenly you strip South Georgia of all the projects, of all the funding, of all the laws that benefit us down here."

And South Georgia voters may remember that when they go back to the polls in 2006.

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