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Time to remove the signs!

November 4, 2004

Lee County-- With the election over, they are weathered and worn and have taken quite a beating. We are not talking about the candidates--but the signs!

Most South Georgia counties, like Lee County, require that political signs be pulled up within 7 days after the election.

Violators could face fines as high as five hundred dollars and in some cases even face jail time. It is not necessarily the candidates that would get in trouble. Lee County Administrator Langford Holbrook says, "We would contact the candidates, but ultimately, the property owner. We certainly hope it wouldn't get to that point."

Lee County is extending the deadline to November 15th, but Dougherty Countians have seven days.

Langford Holbrook says he doesn't think anyone has ever actually gone to court over a political sign. Rather, most people want a clean community and are happy to remove them.

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