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Invention helps farmers, hunters and veterinarians

November 4, 2004

Mitchell County - If one animal on the farm gets a disease, more than likely it will spread to others. But, one south Georgian has invented a machine that will halt the disease in it's tracks.

When mad cow disease breaks out or your chickens don't make it, who do you call? The Eliminator .

Sammy Massey to the rescue. Massey says, "The cremator for small animal and large animal disposal."

It took a whole lot of tinkering. Massey explains, "I started out with the design and the farmers told me what they needed changed and that's how we perfected it. This is designed for veterinarians and deer processors use this one. This ones been burning chickens. Basically all the same design, just larger."

Not only is the Eliminator American made, but south Georgia made. It's put together in a barn at South Oaks Plantation in Mitchell County. Massey says, "It's doing well now, we're coming out of the hole."

The inventor has also sold the Eliminator to big companies like Equity Group. You can cremate 500 chickens in 3 1/2 hours. There's no smoke and no pollution. He adds, "Occasionally you'll see a little puff, but that's about all."

The 1400 degree heat makes sterile odorless ashes that are recyclable. Massey explains, "Oh yes, it makes great rose garden fertilizer because it's high in calcium and phosphorus."

And the great idea is getting bigger. Massey is designing a larger Eliminator for horses and cows.

Massey has shipped two Eliminators overseas. The cost of the middle sized machine, nearly $6,000.

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