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Dawson's new police chief moves in

November 4, 2004

Dawson -- It took more than seven months but the city of Dawson finally has a new police chief. This week Charlie Whitehead took over the department's top job.

Even with just 4 days on the job, after 32 years in Law enforcement it was pretty easy for Dawson's new police Chief Charlie Whitehead to judge the morale of the his new department.

"If I had to take an educated guess on a scale of one to ten, I would say a two. The reason I say a two is that you never know what to expect when someone new comes in and folks just hate changes," says Whitehead.

But changes are in store.

"I want to get my folks looking like professional officers, and focus my attention on training and the community," says Whitehead.

As a new Chief, who's spent all of his career in Sumter County, forming relationships in this community will be key.

"The community is a very valuable resource that you can tap into, that's where you get all your crime information. People out there can serve as your eyes and ears," says Whitehead.

And as for now all eyes and ears are on Whitehead, as he investigates the needs of his new city. He already has vision.

"Hopefully this will be a department the Mayor and the city council and the city manager ,as well as, people in this community will be proud of and hopefully want to come here and work," says Whitehead.

It's a goal he says he'll willing to work hard to meet. Chief Whitehead says even though Dawson is lot smaller then Americus he doesn't plan for his officers to be any less aggressive then those in bigger cities.

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