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Buy books for a dollar

November 4, 2004

Albany - If you have the nose for a good bargain, you're nose may lead you to Albany.

Starting Friday morning, tables packed with used library books will be up for grabs. You can buy hardback books for a dollar, best sellers for two dollars and paperback books for 50 cents.

But, if you're a die hard reader, you can buy an empty box for $20 to $30 and fill it to the top. Library Director, Mike Dugan, says "You can also buy, what we call, bulk sales. We have boxes that are $20, $25 and $30 and that's whatever you can put in the box. Of course, the bulk sale excludes CDs as well as best sellers."

For a couple of bucks you can also buy new and used CDs.

Proceeds go back to the Dougherty County Library.

Bibliomania is at the Hasan Temple in Albany. The sale is from ten to five tomorrow and Saturday and two to five on Sunday.

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