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Albany Insurance sisters arrested for fraud

November 4, 2004

Albany -- Two Albany insurance agents are arrested for fraud. Thomas and Thomas Insurance on Pine Avenue was raided Thursday morning.

The owners are two sisters, who investigators say pocketed money customers gave them to purchase insurance policies. Tonight, the State Insurance Commissioner warns you to make sure your insurance policies are legitimate.

Just after 9:30, Kimberly Thomas Goodman is brought out of her office in handcuffs. Chief of Investigations Steve Sprouse said "Where people had paid for insurance, thought they had it." But they didn't.

Investigators say Goodman and her sister, Tiawanna Thomas Moore were pocketing insurance payments from customers. Chief of Investigations Steve Sprouse said "They've not been forwarding premiums to the insurance carriers. There have been several fake certificates that have were issued."

Investigators don't know how many people were ripped off. A search of the companies computers and records is underway. Sprouse said "One of the things we want to insure, is that people that purchased insurance here, of course have insurance."

If you have doubts about your coverage, you can contact the Georgia Consumer Services Division at 404-656-2070. You can call the Insurance Fraud Hotline at 800-726-6070.

 The Thomas sisters could get up to ten years in prison on each count if they're convicted.

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