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Fun at fair may cost more than a few dollars

November 3, 2004

Albany- Going to the fair.

It can be a family affair, but many parents say they come prepared to spend.

"It's costly," said Deneyia King, who spent $80 Wednesday night. "But I only have one son."

So how about a family of four?

It's five dollars to get in the door. So that will cost you $20. But children are under four feet get in free.

The rides are why most people come, so you've got to get tickets. Wednesday and Thursday, you can pay $12 and ride all night. So for $48, the whole family can ride the Top Spin until they topple over or even the Fire Ball for as long as they can stand the heat.

Many say it's money well spent.

"Because we love the fair," said Jennifer Stanton. "We come every year and I came to get a turkey leg."

A lot of people actually come for the food. Pizza and a drink for four will cost you $16 and someone might want a fried candy bar for $3.

You can spend a few more dollars on the games and leave with a prize. But some do leave empty handed.

"(I'm) Having bad luck. Trying to shoot basketball and it's not working," said Roderick Hubbard.

If you can't win a prize you can certainly buy one. They've got Nemo's, they've got extra-large Tweetie's and they've even got crazy hats.

So a family of four could easily drop $100.

"This was just me and my seven-year-old, and we had a nice time, so it was worth it," King said.

Worth every dollar, some say, to get quality time with your kids.

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