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Voters want to move high school home

November 3, 2004

Baker County voters want their high school back. Ever since the early 80's high schoolers from Baker County have mixed with Mitchell County students at Mitchell Baker High. But now, Baker County wants to stand alone.

While students are learning how to make their future healthier, Principal Tom Finland is thinking about the future of their school.  Finland says, "We would have to change it."

Baker County voters want to take the "Baker" out of Mitchell Baker High and move their students back home. Now it's up to the Baker County School Board.  Finland explains, "We have to take a look at the big picture, the entire picture to see how best it will serve the students in both counties."

Out of 750 Mitchell Baker High students, approximetly 125 come across a bridge from Baker to Mitchell County every school morning.

If they stay in Baker County, that means less taxes and teachers in Mitchell County.  Finland says, "If you had 125 students go back over the river, so to speak, we would have to see, as far as the staff is concerned."

And then, of course, there's football.  Finland admits, "We have always had good atheletes in all of our sports from Baker County all of those issues would have to be addressed as far as are they going to have programs."

Baker County's 25 year contract with Mitchell County will expire in 2006, so as far as the future of the students they will continue to study in Camilla until they're told to transfer. 

If the Baker County Board decides to take action, they may ask the county to give them back the old high school building.

That building is now Head Start, but there's enough room for high schoolers.

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