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Some voting problems linked to DMVS

November 3, 2004

Albany - Dozens of people who registered to vote at the Department of Motor Vehicles Safety were surprised to find their names weren't on voting lists yesterday. A public information officer with the DMVS says human error may be to blame.

When you get a license, DMVS workers ask you a series of questions including whether you want to register to vote. If the DMVS workers incorrectly type 'No,' you won't be registered to vote. If you say 'Yes,' your information is sent to the Secretary of State's office.

You should be asked to read and agree to an oath about voting rights. Then, you should receive a letter from the Secretary of State or your local elections office within three weeks. If you don't, you should all to make sure your registered.

Most of the voters who encountered this problem Tuesday were given provisional ballots.

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