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Thomas County citizens vote on issues

November 2, 2004

Thomasville - As soon as the polls opened in Thomasville today, voters rushed in, eager to cast their ballots. "We should take the time to come out and make our voices heard," says poll worker Anna Jackson. Voices that are crying out, against same sex marriages, "That's an abomination to God," says Jackson. "It is on the ballot, we have a chance to vote on it and I think we should let it be known, our preference."

Though some voters are worried about jobs. "We have hungry people right here, we have people homeless here, people without jobs here, so I feel like it's time to start spending that money here," says Eric Ellis.

Still for others, there are several key issues that led them to vote on Monday. Jessica Anderson says, "Health insurance, marriage between a man and a woman, abortion."

But regardless of how you feel about the issues, the leadership of this country may never reflect the way you feel, unless you vote. Anderson says, "It matters what happens in our country, and if we don't vote, we don't really have a right to say what we want to happen. And if we vote, it counts."

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