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How will minorities vote?

November 2, 2004

Dougherty County-- The presidential candidates have spent a good portion of their final campaign days trying to reach not only undecided voters, but also minorities. So, how did they fare when it comes to reaching minorities in South Georgia?

I've spent the greater part of the day here at Beattie Road Church of Christ, which is the largest precinct in the county, and turnout has been good. There have been a number of minorities who cast ballots here today, and every one of them we spoke to said they knew exactly who they would vote for as soon as they entered the doors.

During recent presidential elections most minority voters have chosen the Democratic candidate over the Republican. But did John Kerry do enough to get their attention and their vote?

LaSharon Rhyme said, "Kerry was very exact about what was going on. I had a clear understanding of what's going on and he explained himself nicely."

Black voters we talked to casting their ballots at Beattie Road Church of Christ say they did not feel like their vote was taken for granted by Democrats and Kerry's message was more believable than Bush's.

Ella Pollard said, "I think he's going to do what he says he's going to do. I think he's a great candidate for president. I think he'll run America fine. I think he'll do a better job than Bush is doing."

But first time voter Bernard Lyght says both Bush and Kerry did an equal job vying for his attention. Still he says his motivation to make it to the polls came from hip-hop entertainers. "P. Diddy believe it or not, really did catch my attention and Xzibit, and watching MTV and stuff like that," he said.

Both John Kerry and John Edwards did live interviews on a nationally syndicated hip-hop radio show this morning in a last ditch effort to reach young minority voters. And some minority voters we spoke to say it worked.

Dougherty County minority voters also say Kerry did a better job explaining his plans for handling the war in Iraq, education and healthcare.

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