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College students can't vote; air their frustrations

November 2, 2004

Albany-- Some Albany State University Students are turned away from voting today.

The group of students showed up at WALB after poll workers refused to let them vote. The students claim they are registered to vote in Dougherty County, but their names didn't appear in the system today.

According to Georgia law, they should have gotten a provisional, but the ASU precinct didn't have any. They had to go to the government center and have them delivered so the students could vote.

"I've registered to vote and what do I do now?" asked Shawnta Addison. "This is the thing that students don't give up, still go out and vote, you still have time to go out and vote, don't be discouraged we now have provisional ballots put in place now and to speak up when you feel like you've been wronged."

Some students say when they renewed their drivers license and kept their hometown address, it automatically registered them in their hometown, even though they requested Dougherty County.

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