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South Georgia women vote in large numbers

November 2, 2004

Albany -- Women didn't get the right to vote in the United States until 1920. But 84 years later women voters are extremely active in the political process.

Women were prominent at the polls in Albany, both voting and as election workers.

And most of the women we talked to had clear ideas on issues they were concerned with. Telisa Jefferson said "Health is number one for me. The health insurance, especially medicaid, I'm really worried about."

Rose Alston said her main issue was "Marriage, man and woman. Try to elect the right person for the right job."

Nell Rowe said "I'm concerned about the Medicare."

But the issue most women told us was their main concern was the War on Terrorism. Janis Burch said "The terrorists. The situation with the terrorists, it's frightening. And I think we need a leader in there who will lead us, and do the right thing."

Kerry Mihalko said "My main concern is for safety. I do believe we need to go after the terrorist. So that is my vote for George Bush."

Rhonda Kendrick said "I'm ex-military. And I didn't feel like Bush is doing a great job. So, I'm like, he has to go."

Strong opinions from women voters, who today will help decide who will lead our country.

Many of the women we talked to at the polls said they vote in every election and believe strongly in their making their voices heard.

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