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Young voters flock to polls

November 2, 2004

Valdosta - More young people are expected to turn out for this election than any in the past. In Lowndes County, young voters flocked to the polls today to choose the men and women who will lead them into the future.

Twenty-four year old Joseph Robinson is taking his future into his own hands, one vote at a time. "A lot of my friends text messaged or called me this morning to make sure I was voting and I did the same thing," said Robinson.

Its his first time voting, but something he wishes he'd started a long time ago. "I felt like my voice needed to be heard with all the stuff that's going on, not just in the community, but in the whole U.S.," said Robinson.

So why start now? Robinson says there are too many issues that have a direct impact on his future, and he wants a say-so. "A lot of students might lose their HOPE money and I think that's something a lot of Georgians are concerned about," said Robinson.

Just down the road near another precinct, more young people are joining in the political process....campaigning for their favorite candidates. "We've seen a lot of political participation, its really quiet impressive among young people at the college," said Chris West.

They're part of Valdosta State University's College of Republicans. The group has seen a huge surge in enrollment since this political season began. "We had about five members going into last year and now we have about 250," said West. "I'd say the reason young people are getting so involved is probably because of 9/11, this resonated with young people and we're taking notice and coming out to vote," said West.

It's a trend these students hope to spread, as they continue to make the decisions that shape their future.

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