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Voters are eager for touch screens in Dougherty County

November 2, 2004

Dougherty County-- Over 4,000 Dougherty County voters may have cast ballots during the week of early voting, but that hasn't slowed activity at the polls Tuesday.

Beattie Road Church of Christ, Dougherty County's largest precinct, has a line of voters. Since the polls opened this morning, that steady flow has pretty much been the norm. Eager voters came out early to cast ballots. There are 16 voting machines here, and the poll manager here says people were lined up before she got here to use them.

“The first voter was here at 5:30 this morning when I arrived, and it has been steady ever since,” said Poll Manager Jeanne Pollard.

So steady that poll workers say this is the biggest turnout they have seen. According to the election supervisor Carolyn Hatcher, Dougherty County About four thousand voters have cast ballots today, and that number doesn't include the more than 4,000 early voters and those who voted absentee.

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